New Canadian Immigration Measures Benefit Families

BecomeACanadian - Families in Canada

The government of Canada is creating new immigration measures. Though most immigration policies have always been favorable to immigrants, the government is creating a new system that will also benefit families of immigrants.

An expert at Become A Canadian comments that the new immigration measure is a welcomed development that will unite immigrants and their families in Canada and boost the socio-cultural integration of immigrants.

The new immigration measures

“The government is developing a new system that will help bring spouses, children, and parents of recent immigrants to Canada more speedily,” says Sean Fraser, the immigration minister.

“The new system uses advanced analytics to identify people who have a permanent residency application in the system and approve their visa to visit Canada,” concluded Sean Fraser.

Become A Canadian could confirm that in the past, many family members who applied to join their sponsor got visa denials because of concerns that they wouldn’t return to their country when the visa expired. 

Unfortunately, most of these rejections affect families who already applied for permanent residency and are only waiting for approval.

With this advanced analytics system, however, families who have already been put in for permanent residency could be granted visas to travel to Canada more quickly.

How effective can this new system be?

The new system will not only detect individuals who already have permanent residency, it will also expedite the family reunification process. Become A Canadian reports that the new system may make the turnaround time as short as 30 days with over 98 percent approval rate.