Montreal Blends the Best of Europe and North America

Become A Canadian Montreal

Montreal has the high culture, style, and gourmet food of the chicest corners of France, along with the informality, innovation, and warmth of North America. Situated in the French-speaking province of Quebec, a former French colony, it embodies art galleries and nightclubs, haute couture and jeans, fine wines and cheese-covered fries (specifically, the city’s signature dish, poutine, smothered in sauce).

Montreal combines the best of Europe and North America. If you’re interested in moving to this spectacular city, get in touch with Become A Canadian and their team of experts.

Unlike Toronto, with its classic attractions, or Vancouver, where life revolves around nature, the pleasure of a trip to Montreal lies in its unabashed hedonism: shopping, strolls, bars, and restaurants. It’s best to come without a specific agenda, to be swept along by the city’s rhythm and its diverse neighborhoods.

You can immerse yourself in the perfect blend of French and North American culture along the majestic Golden Square Mile, enjoy the lively nightlife on St. Laurent Boulevard, stroll past the colorful historic homes in the Plateau area, and discover the rejuvenated industrial Griffintown. Along the way, you’ll surely stumble upon an interesting boutique, café, or small gallery, and if you run out of ideas, bilingual locals will be happy to point you towards somewhere new to explore.

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This is also a city defined by the seasons. After the harsh winter, when locals hunker down at home to escape the snow, Montreal bursts forth with renewed joy in late spring. Not a moment of the scarce summer months is wasted.

In the historic Old Port district, dating back to the 17th century, outdoor seating draws people to bistros serving classic fare. The city’s central park, Mount Royal, is lush with greenery, its lawns dotted with people gathering weekly for the free-spirited Tam-Tams gathering. The city’s bustling event calendar reaches its peak in the Quartier des Spectacles, where outdoor squares are designed to host everything from concerts to comedy shows and film screenings. The effervescence of this energetic city can be felt almost twenty-four hours a day.

In Montreal, you’ll find everything you need for a peaceful and joyful life. Become A Canadian will inform you about the immigration process and what you need to relocate.