Canada’s New Permanent Residents Reach a Record High

Canada's New Permanent Residents

The arrival of a record number of new permanent residents in Canada last year is worth publicizing. This is because it emphasizes the country as one of the most accommodating countries for would-be immigrants. 

Reports have shown Canada to rank second to the United States as a desirable destination for immigrants worldwide. This is understandable, since Canada has a high quality of life, Canadians are generally friendly toward newcomers and there are many jobs in Canada available to foreign workers.

The rate at which Canada admits new permanent residents in recent times also reflects that Canadians strongly support high levels of immigration.

Canada is, thus, a perfect place to choose for families and individuals seeking to start a new life in a foreign land, according to Become A Canadian.

Reason for Canada's Eagerness for Newcomers

In 2022, over 437,000 new permanent residents gained entrance into Canada. From reports, this figure represents around 1.1% of Canada’s total population. Also, this record number of new immigrants is the highest ever admitted in a year in Canadian history.

Become A Canadian stated that the acute labour shortage caused by a rapidly aging population is a significant driver for Canada’s eagerness for new immigrants. In other words, newcomers will be helpful in overcoming the country’s labour shortage and its negative effects.

" In 2022, over 437,000 new permanent residents gained entrance into Canada. "

Canada – A Choice Country for Immigrants

From reports, Canada remains the second most desired immigration destination. In other words, it ranks second to the United States, the first choice country for would-be immigrants. Due to this attribute, immigrants can expect a home-away-from-home experience when they move to Canada.