Canadian Immigration Minister Unveils ‘Guardian Angel’ Plan


A large number of refugee claimants who came to Canada from the U.S. settled in Quebec, and while waiting on decisions about their claim, began working in the health care sector. 

The public pressure for a special Canadian immigration program for those who stood in harm’s way during the pandemic started in Quebec. Now these ‘guardian angels’ who took care of the elderly and those that were sick with the Covid-19 virus have the chance to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said there will be a stream for those living in Quebec and one for those living in other provinces.


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Spouses or common-law partners of those seeking asylum who died from the virus will be eligible to apply for permanent residency as well. Mendicino said Canada is appreciative of the hard work the ‘guardian angels’ did during the pandemic, and they are being recognized by having a more secure future in Canada through the program. 

Mendicino: "Canada is appreciative of the hard work the ‘guardian angels’ did during the pandemic".

Through both programs, those who worked in these healthcare professions and claimed asylum before March 2020 will be able to apply for permanent residency.

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