Program Seeks Immigrant Entrepreneurs for Canadian Province

International graduate entrepreneur and international entrepreneur are the two new categories created by the Newfoundland and Labrador government. These changes make the process to receive Canadian permanent residency much easier. Al Hawkins, the minister over immigration under the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labor, said there are benchmarks and checks and balances to make sure immigrants applying within the new categories will stay in the province. BecomeACanadian can walk you through the steps of immigration and answer all of your questions.

Hawkins said they would be able to become an international entrepreneur or graduate from Memorial University, set up a business, be in operation for one year, and then make an application for permanent residency. “The government does not want to lose the people who come to study as international students,” according to Hawkins. He said we are looking at it as replacing jobs for Labradorians and Newfoundlanders. It is an opportunity to create jobs. Statistics Canada said 2.4 percent of the population in Newfoundland and Labradorare immigrants. Over 2,300 international students are enrolled at Memorial University. If you are considering living and working in Canada, contact BecomeACanadian for the best immigration option available to you and your family.