Foreign Workers Needed in Canada’s Manitoba Province

Become A Canadian - Manitoba
Become A Canadian - Manitoba

Manitoba, Canada, needs foreign workers to come to the province. Become A Canadian could ascertain that the province is prioritizing applicants with family connections in Manitoba.

These skilled workers with family ties to Manitoba will get a boost in the provincial nominee process. Prospective newcomers to Manitoba who already have family in the province stand a better chance of being approved to live and work in Manitoba.

According to Become A Canadian, the government has conducted three provincial nominee draws in recent weeks. The draws greatly prioritized candidates with a close family connection to the province, and future draws will also place utmost priority on family connections.

“The NDP government is refocusing the provincial nominee program to match foreign workers with specific labor needs in Manitoba. We are also strong on prioritizing applicants with familial ties in the province”

Become A Canadian could confirm that skilled workers who want to immigrate through this program need first to file an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Why are familial ties being prioritized for the program?

The main reason for the consideration of familial ties is to curb the decline in the retention rate of skilled workers. The government has noticed that most immigrants are no longer in the province after five years of immigrating to Canada.

According to recently released data, the five-year retention rate of immigrants in Manitoba has declined drastically to about 67.7 percent compared to what it used to be a few years ago.

“We want to address the high rate of out-migration we have been witnessing in our province. This downward retention trend needs to stop,” concludes, Marcelino.