Immigrant from The Philippines Is Grateful to Live in Canada

BecomeACanadian - Philippines Flag
BecomeACanadian - Philippines Flag

The recent Canada Day celebration saw many individuals become Canadian citizens. BecomeACanadian could confirm that during Canada’s 156th birthday, about 30 people were confirmed as Canadian citizens in Windsor’s Sandwich Town.

Among the new Canadian citizens is Fel Aisah Nochefranca, who moved to Canada in 2016 from The Philippines. Nochefranca left The Philippines in search of a better life for her children.

“I feel great today because Canada has been a real blessing to us,” said Nochefranca.

According to Become A Canadian, she is 37 years old and took the oath of citizenship at the HMCS Hunter alongside her husband, Lou, who is 40 years old. Her three children are 13, 8 and 2 years old, respectively.

She continued, “Canada gave us a very good life, and we are always grateful for this. My husband and I have good jobs, and my children have good education and healthcare.”

“Relocating to Canada has always been for my family. I want the best for them, and Canada is the best place to achieve that,” she concluded. 

Joyous celebration among new Canadian citizens

BecomeACanadian established that thirty people from 6 different countries became Canadian citizens in Windsor’s Sandwich Town. They all pledged their allegiance to Canada with the ability to call themselves Canadian citizens.

In the words of the presiding official, Chris Elliot: “Our history is now your history, our laws your laws, and our identity is yours.”

He concluded – “Today we celebrated the symbols, events, people, institutions and values that define us as Canadians and give us our identity. I invite you to enjoy your first Canada Day as Canadian citizens”.