Immigrants in Canada’s Atlantic Provinces Handled Pandemic Better


Though the Covid-19 pandemic happened about two years ago, people still feel its impact. Become A Canadian could establish that immigrants in Canada’s Atlantic region are among those that handled the pandemic well.

Immigrants in the region showed lots of resilience and mental strength during the pandemic. 

According to a survey from Statistics Canada, immigrants in Atlantic Canada were resilient and fared better compared to the other parts of Canada.

Statistics showing how immigrants all over Canada handled the pandemic

The 2022 survey by Statistics Canada showed that 30 per cent of immigrants in Canada’s Atlantic Provinces reported improved mental health compared to the pre-pandemic moments. 

While only about 22.7 per cent reported feeling worse due to the pandemic, it is noteworthy that more immigrants reported improved mental health compared to non-immigrants.

According to Become A Canadian, most immigrants in Atlantic Canada got their resilience as a result of their strong community ties. They kept communication with home and fared much better than others during the pandemic.

Generally, both new and old immigrants in Atlantic Canada had better experiences and improved mental health than immigrants in other parts of Canada. Immigrants in Atlantic Canada have a strong sense of community.

In the words of Raquel Hoersting, a psychology professor at the University of Prince Edward Island: 

"Immigrants in Canada are unique, particularly those in Atlantic Canada. They are individuals with lots of grit, strength and resilience. It takes a lot of courage to immigrate, integrate and establish a new life in a new country."