What Other Services Can BECOMEACANADIAN Give Me?

The BECOMEACANADIAN company offers its clients a range of professional services from start to finish to assist them throughout the Canadian immigration process.

This begins with a Canadian immigration assessment provided by the Federal Regulator of Canadian Immigration Consultants who work with BECOMEACANADIAN, to inform them about their best option for immigration to Canada.

Once clients learn about which specific Canadian immigration program they are best-suited to apply for, the BECOMEACANADIAN team can then guide them carefully during each stage of the process to apply for a visa to Canada.

An important service provided by BECOMEACANADIAN is the review of documents that are needed to confirm a client’s eligibility to move forward with the Canadian immigration process and which will be required at a later stage when the client submits their official application for a visa to Canada.


After the Immigration Consultants who collaborate with BECOMEACANADIAN have confirmed that clients have the necessary documentation to support their Canadian immigration file, another valuable service that is provided to skilled foreign workers and their families is expert assistance correctly filing their Express Entry profile.

The Express Entry profile contains the relevant details about a skilled foreign worker and their family members who want to immigrate to Canada and after it is submitted to the Canadian immigration officials, a decision will be made as to whether the applicant will be placed into the Express Entry “pool” of candidates.

When BECOMEACANADIAN clients are selected from the Express Entry pool and issued an official Invitation to Apply (ITA), a crucial service provided by the Immigration Consultants who work with BECOMEACANADIAN is to guide the clients in properly submitting their application for a visa to Canada, along with all of the required documents (gathered and checked earlier), within the 60 days permitted.

The Immigration Consultants who collaborate with BECOMEACANADIAN, as Authorized Representatives, can also represent clients in dealings with the Canadian immigration officials, which is especially helpful if any complications arise.

In most Express Entry cases, a decision about whether to grant a visa to Canada is made within six months after the Canadian government receives a complete visa application.


A final service BECOMEACANADIAN gives its clients who are approved for a visa to Canada is to provide them with information to help prepare them to immigrate to Canada as new Canadian permanent residents.

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