Canadian Immigration Plan Emphasizes Foreign Workers

Foreign Workers

There is a need for Canada to stay competitive in its efforts to bring in newcomers. The need for competitiveness is due to the critical labour shortages in the country. Based on this crucial situation, the country may also need to rethink who qualifies as an ideal immigrant.

Canada’s population would be shrinking without sustained immigration. Become A Canadian stated that the large number of workers who are retiring this decade pose huge implications for the job market in Canada.

In recent times, Canada announced its plan to welcome 1.5 million new permanent residents over the next three years. This plan is being implemented to combat the changing demographics and labour shortages.

The New Immigration Strategy in Canada

Recent census data in Canada revealed that Canada’s population under 15 years old is smaller than the population above 65 years. This report is alarming, considering the obvious need for the next generation of workers in the country.

This situation is why Canada’s immigration system is often criticized for being slow and outdated.

Become A Canadian stated that the plan to increase newcomers by about 25% over three years will be helpful. This new strategy focuses on economic migrants. In other words, Canada will welcome young, well-educated immigrants, who the government believes have the necessary skills and resources to thrive in the country.

The Future of Immigrants to Canada

According to Statistics Canada, nine out of 10 people entering the workforce in Canada for the first time are new immigrants. Based on projections, all of Canada’s population growth will be from immigration by 2032.

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