Canada to Increase Shared Parental Leave Benefit in March 2019

Women in Canada make up 85 percent of all parental claims, and they take more extended leaves from their company, according to figures from the government. Maryam Monsef, the Status of Women Minister, said when child-care responsibilities fall disproportionately on women, it has social and economic consequences. The federal government is fast-tracking a new parental sharing benefit shooting at parents equally sharing the care of raising children to boost gender equality in the workplace. Canada is a diverse country that is a safe place to raise your children. Become A Canadian will help you apply for a permanent resident visa to Canada. You will begin with a professional Canadian immigration evaluation.

Parents, including adoptive and same-sex parents, who have a child born or adopted after March 17, 2019, will be eligible for the many new benefits of an additional five weeks of Employment Insurance. For parents to take advantage of the benefits, both parents will be required to take time off and share responsibilities. The new law was originally expected to be implemented in June 2019, but the government is aiming for three months earlier. An additional 24,000 parents will benefit due to the earlier date. With the sharing benefit, parents choosing the standard duration of parental benefits could have up to 40 weeks of parental benefits, an increase of five weeks. Neither parent would be able to access over 35 weeks total, which means the weeks must be shared.

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