Full-Time Canadian Jobs Skyrocket

The job market in Canada has seen outstanding gains in the past several months, with signs pointing toward further tightening, more momentous wage increases and the greatest ever surge in full-time employment. In one month last year, Canadian jobs increased by an enormous gain of 35,300 positions, Statistics Canada reported. It more than doubled the 15,000 new jobs in Canada which were forecast in a Bloomberg survey of economists. If you are looking for a job, now is the time to consider relocating to Canada. BecomeACanadian will give you the highest level of guidance through the process. Their team of experts helps people just like you achieve the dream of living in Canada.

The expected slowing of Canada’s labor market has yet to occur. Avery Shenfield, a chief economist at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, said, “Growth indicators for Canada have been decelerating, but you wouldn’t know looking at the labor market, where employers are still beefing up their workforce.” For eleven straight months now, Canada has produced job gains, equalling the longest streak in more than ten years. An across-the-board increase is being seen, but it is mostly seen in the number of full-time jobs in Canada being developed. In 2017, right under 400,000 positions were created, making it one of the most substantial gains on record. Wages are increasing at a higher speed than the average since the recession, and the hours worked have increased over two percent from last year, the most increase since August 2011. BecomeACanadian has a goal to assist you and your family in moving to Canada and being able to enjoy the high standard of living offered in the country.