Canada Ranked #1 Country for Quality of Life and #2 Overall

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Canada takes up around two-fifths of the North American landmass, making it the second-biggest country on the planet after Russia. The nation is scantily populated, with the vast majority of its 35.5 million occupants living within 125 miles of the border with the United States. Canada’s far-reaching wilderness toward the north plays an important part in Canadian personality, as does the nation’s reputation for welcoming foreigners. BecomeACanadian will take you through the Canadian immigration process by determining your best choice for a Canadian permanent residency visa. They will explain all steps of the process and answer your questions through that procedure.

Despite the fact that the Norse quickly settled in Canada during the tenth century, exploration by Europe quickened in the 1500s. France and Britain plotted for control over the area, with the British solidifying their strength in 1763. The nation was a gathering of British provinces until it turned into a self-governing country in 1867. If you are interested in moving to Canada, the professional experts at BecomeACanadian are dedicated to facilitating your immigration to Canada.

Canadians are proud of the fact that they welcome all citizens to celebrate their own cultures. In 1971, Canada accepted a national multiculturalism policy that celebrates the diversity of the citizens of Canada. The rundown of achieved Canadian writers and artists is long. Céline Dion, Sarah McLachlan, and Joni Mitchell are a few well-known Canadians who have affected the world of modern music.

Canada has a democratic form of government that follows the British-style parliamentary system. Thus, the British monarch is the official head of state, but Canadian voters elect members of Canada’s Parliament. The political party with the majority of members in the Canadian Parliament forms the national government, which governs Canada through the executive branch, led by the prime minister and his/her Cabinet of ministers. The national capital of Canada, Ottawa, is situated in the province of Ontario.

Canada is a member of the United Nations, through which it has taken part in numerous peacekeeping efforts. It is also a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, OECD and NATO. Contact BecomeACanadian today for a simplified immigration plan that is done correctly and offers you support along the way!