See Who Won at the 2018 Canadian Radio Music Awards!

The 21st annual Canadian Radio Music Awards were held in Toronto, where awards were voted on by individuals from the Association of Broadcasters. The live performers for the show included New City, Romes, Felix Cartal, The Reklaws, and River Town Saints. This year’s show was hosted by K Trevor Wilson, an actor from the Canadian sitcom Letterkenny. As he was introducing the band, The Reklaws, he joked saying, “I’m not cool. I don’t know any of these artists at all. I’m 37. I don’t know what an Ariana Grande is and I don’t care. I’m really excited about the Counting Crows tour. That’s where I am in my life. This is a night of discovery for me. I’m going to find out a lot of bands that everybody probably knows a lot about.” If you are considering relocating to Canada, Become A Canadian has a team of experts to assist you through the immigration process. They can help you apply for the needed Canadian visa to live and work in their country.

Trophies were given to Alessia Cara, DVBBS, and Jessie Reyes at this year’s awards ceremony. Daniel Caesar was the only double winner. He received the Nielsen talent development story of the year, as well as the FACTOR breakthrough artist. FACTOR (Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings) administers the Canada Music Fund for the Government of Canada as well as the Canadian Content Development fund for private radio broadcasters. Indie 88, a Toronto radio station, received the Nielsen cutting edge award. The Become A Canadian team can walk you through every step of the Canadian immigration process. Contact them today!